Drywall & Framing

Drywall & Framing

The perfect remodel starts with a good foundation! High-quality, professionally installed drywall and framing lays the groundwork for success in other areas of your home. We work with both interior and exterior walls, as well as other locations such as ceilings and shaft walls. In order to ensure your safety, every member of our team must learn the requirements of California Building Codes in order to ensure that our work is in full compliance with regulations. At LA Expert Builders, we streamline the drywall and framing process through comprehensive preparation, planning, and project management.


Our Renovation Process

Installing drywall and framing in Los Angeles is a difficult process. The state of California is prone to earthquakes and issues strict building codes. To meet these requirements, the framing must be very durable and expert installation is strongly recommended. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to build a strong, professional painted framework for their homes. Here’s how the process works:

  • Reaching Out

    When you begin planning to install new drywall and framing, it’s natural to feel uncertain about the process. You’re probably considering multiple service providers and different financing methods. We know you have some big decisions ahead of you, so we provide our consultation at no cost and no obligation.

    After you contact us, our operations team will set an in-home appointment that works with your schedule. Your time is valuable, so you can expect us to reach out to confirm your consultation and our arrival time on the day of the scheduled meeting.

  • In-Home Consultation

    Unlike other construction companies, we view your in-home consultation as an advisory session. During the meeting, we’ll work to understand your needs and goals while evaluating any potential complications. Typically, we’ll gather some preliminary measurements so that we can create an accurate project bid.

    Remember, this consultation isn’t a sales pitch, so you’ll never feel pressure to sign any documents! 

  • Project Bid

    Most people dread the process of collecting drywall & framing project bids. While it’s true that unscrupulous individuals may use high-pressure sales tactics to attempt to close a contract, you can feel secure in the knowledge that we will never engage in these practices. Instead, we think of our project bid as a roadmap for our next conversation about your project.


Why LA Expert Builders?

We believe that our success can only be measured by your satisfaction! When we begin our partnership, we’ll work together to define your goals and your drywall and framing budget. Throughout the job, we maintain open lines of communication in order to offer continuous support and accessibility. Our experienced staff will help you take your project from design to planning to completion!

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